Intelligent Data Mining, Hygiene and Data Integration

Here at Firmagraphix EU we mine data from over 2500 scheduled sources, with these sources regularly monitored so as to create a schedule reflective of changes as to data provided per each source. In addition, we work with clients who may send us specific sources to investigate/test/mine or  where we collectively identify, test additional sources specific to a project or program. We are fluent in such big data software packages as Altery,  RedPoint, and most open source programs like Pentaho for example. We also employ our own proprietary software packages and tools as well as continue to explore new products which will enhance our existing efforts. Compliance efforts are in force per the terms and conditions associated with each source.

We offer the ideal solution when it comes to data extraction, using the most latest technologies, with patented techniques that makes us the leader on this field.

Any number of fields, website, database or GIS, YOU choose your own desires, we make it happen …

Outsourcing at a Different Level

Clients outsource projects, sections of projects to us on a contract basis.  Also we offer the ability to ‘test the waters’ as to setting up an outsourcing operation where they control all parts of the operation, including human assets. We mutually train dedicated staff to work on their behalf and that staff is solely dedicated to those projects. We offer an incubation environment where companies can test a development model and make decisions as to establishing their own with trained staff that had worked on their projects or deciding on an outsourcing model which does not involve dedicated human assets.  Our strength of presence allows us to provide these opportunities on both sides of the ledger. Let us help you navigate the right course for you.

Data File Builds

Having the right data in your hands, or being able to determine if the data is “right” will lead you to a better decision. Having a data file which can address your needs in a myriad of ways is essential. Whether it is an aggregated licensed file you are looking to enhance, or a compiled file you are looking to create per your own specs and rules, or a file you are looking to create as an internal asset, we have been doing said for over a decade. Building, creating, maintaining are in our wheelhouse as well as taking part in an effort to create and then release to your own IT team for them to maintain going forward in a manner where mappings are specific and on point.

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